Pendragon Grand Campaign

XV. Sword against axe, with Logres and a friend's life the stakes...

Wherein all of Uther's efforts have led to this moment.

The Story So Far

Late Spring, 490

Late winter’s ill-tidings for Sir Marcus have set the tone for Pentecost Court this year. A general grimness rules over all for the battle soon to be fought. If King Uther wins, then the realm has a chance to be at peace in a way that it has not since the halcyon days of King Constantin. If he loses, then slaughter and slavery will most likely be the fate of all.

There is hope in that King Uther marches with a united Logres at his back. Surely that will make a difference! That’s what people said to themselves and each other, and all made a good attempt to believe the words when heard. Whatever people believed would soon not matter.

It would all be decided soon enough. The kingdom stands at an unprecedented moment. Peace or perdition. As an unprecedented array of nobility gathered for that year’s Pentecost Court, there was cautious optimism that victory and better days were at hand.

Player Characters
Sir Finnian, Sir Gildas, Sir Keith, Sir Kendrick, Sir Marcus, Sir Marcus Scipio, Sir Pedivere

Weekly Recap

Sir Dagonet’s Jest (Funniest Moment)

Paul – Sir Keith bidding the knights adieu, and then Jon sliding down to Bryant’s usual spot so that he could play Sir Marcus.

Zach – Sir Marcus Scipio’s Mr. Magoo-esque (mostly) successful fumbling through the first few stages of battle.

Incursion of the Fae (Eeriest Moment)

Paul – When Sir Marcus Scipio asked Sir Keith what he knew about the axe, and Sir Keith realized that everyone else knew something about it except him.

Zach – Knowing that the axe was so close but still separated by hordes of enemies.

Sir Dalan’s Charge (Best Heroics)

Paul – Sir Marcus Scipio was roused from his unconscious/near death state and unflinchingly rode forth into the final combat (and doled out the first death, no less).

Zach – Sir Marcus Scipio for his glorious turnaround in battle.

Hunting for Glatisant (Dubious Decision)

Paul – Sir Gildas willingly dismounted at one point, I think?

Zach – Sir Keith’s decision not to ride into battle, therefore forfeiting phat loot and mad glory.

A Dream of Camelot (Best Roleplay Moment)

Paul – The giving of last requests to Sir Keith before he left. Also, Finnian’s gesture to exchange his sword for Keith’s so that Keith’s could also be bloodied in the battle was supremely badass.

Zach – When everyone obeyed Sir Pedivere’s request to fight 1 on 1 (and the subsequent move to help him out).

Wily in Wylie (Luck of the Irish Award)

Paul – I wanted to rename this category “Rescuing Sir Pedivere” because not only did Finnian make his horsemanship roll to do so, he then took a crit hit and lived. Of course, I realized “Wily in Wylie” still fit! All of you are lucky, but Pedivere and Finnian most of all.

Zach – Definitely Pedivere and Finnian. So close to death!

Leap of the Macsuls (Luck of the Polish Award)

Paul – The berserkers who it turns out have been playing nerf for the first five years of the campaign. Poor, innocent berserkers.

Zach – Paul, who didn’t get to kill as many of us as he’d hoped to.

Honoring Those Who Honor Us (Pat on the Group Back)

Paul – The Emperor’s comment at the beginning of this clip generally reflects my feelings:

Zach – Good dice rolls, everyone!

Family Legends

Sir Finnian
Finnian Mullally fought well against the hordes of Saxons in the Battle of Lindsey. None can deny that. He and his fellow knights drove into the heart of the Saxon army and brought down many a beserker and Saxon axeman. They were as wheat before the sickle blade. Sir Finnian knew the strength of his own arm and the glory of the blade he bore, for it was not his own but that of the valiant Sir Keith. Though he would serve his lord and his king on the battlefield, the noble Sir Keith was left to protect the steadings of Salisbury. This task had often been one the Mullally clan proudly took. Never let it be said that Sir Finnian abandoned that tradition. Never let it be said that Sir Keith had no part in the battle. For Sir Finnian took Sir Keith’s blade in exchange for his own, so that it be known a Mullally blade protected its home and a Creamer blade brought death and despair to the enemy. For lo, were not the lands of the Mullallys and the Creamers safe in their guardianship? And did not the blade of Sir Keith find its way into the very guts of the Saxon Lord Octa?

Sir Gildas
Sir Gildas was relieved to complete Merlin’s quest…but would it actually work?

Sir Keith
Staying home to guard Salisbury while the rest of the group participated in the Battle of Lindsey further separated Keith from his peers.

Sir Kendrick
Though Sir Kendrick and King Octa tasted each other’s steel that day, by divine providence, both would leave the field of battle alive. However, the Saxon king would do so in chains and without his axe, which was bound for Baverstock. Victory was too humble a word to define the events at Lindsey, and Sir Kendrick could never find the words to describe how he felt.

Sir Marcus
Sir Marcus wasn’t able to save his daughter’s life, but if he could get Octa’s axe to where it needed to go, he might just save his friend’s. It was his sole comfort.

Sir Marcus Scipio
“I may not have been the right man to win the enchanted axe, Merlin, but I damn well brought the right horse!”

Sir Pedivere
It’s not a battle if you’re standing at the end….


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