Pendragon Grand Campaign

XVI. Not since the days of Constantin had there been such opportunity...

Wherein Logres is united and the chance for greatness is within the realm's grasp.

The Story So Far

Late Spring, 490

Octa is grievously wounded. Eosa sits sullenly in a dungeon, bound in chains. The Saxon foe is routed at minimal expense to Logres. Neighboring kingdoms remain peaceable. The Saxon kingdoms stir in restlessness and worry. Not since the days of High King Constantin has Logres faced such an opportunity to secure its borders and to drive the Saxon foe from the realm.

Though the Salisbury knights bear great injuries, their own circumstance mirrors the host – they suffered no deaths in their already legendary role in the battle. It was by their efforts that King Octa and his magic axe were taken. Now King Pellinore of Gomoret has the axe and all wait with baited breath to see how that situation between he and Uther resolves itself.

Now, all of Lincoln is being turned into one large festival. Every corner of the castle and surrounding area is being used to hold the victory party! The night’s celebration promises to turn into a new dawn for Logres.

Player Characters
Sir Finnian, Sir Gildas, Sir Keith, Sir Kendrick, Sir Marcus, Sir Marcus Scipio, Sir Pedivere

Weekly Recap

Sir Dagonet’s Jest (Funniest Moment)

Paul – Gabe had a fine “Jack tribute moment” where he heartily volunteered…but then asked what it was he was volunteering for because he forgot.

Bill – Contemplating Sir Keith’s surprise on seeing us all alive and having to explain all of the Keithlandian banners that had popped up over all our manors.

Incursion of the Fae (Eeriest Moment)

Paul – The awakening of Sir Henry.

Bill – The screaming mists were very unsettling.

Sir Dalan’s Charge (Best Heroics)

Paul – The knights of the oath holding their ground throughout the ceremony.

Bill – All of the knights standing fast through the choking, screaming fog to witness the return of Sir Henry.

Hunting for Glatisant (Dubious Decision)

Paul – Sir Keith had a lusty moment that may come back to haunt him, though like many such passion-driven moments, the decision was made for him.

Bill – It is quite literal this time. Sir Henry’s decision to hunt Glatisant over spending even one night with his wife is sure to come back and bite him.

A Dream of Camelot (Best Roleplay Moment)

Paul – Sir Marcus Scipio taking the lead in welcoming Sir Henry back was a nice moment.

Bill – Sir Marcus Scipio’s quiet but very noticeable struggle to make sense of Syagrius’s betrayal and downfall. But after a day of thought, it came to rest in the sad realization that the once proud warrior attacked Salisbury as a bitter act of self destruction.

Wily in Wylie (Luck of the Irish Award)

Paul – Shrewton! Like Coriolanus’ wife and mother, Lady Vela and Lady Wynne calmed the heart of the savage beast.

Bill – Sir Keith may have missed the great battle this year, but his defense of Salisbury will ensure his name does not go unmentioned when this summer is recounted in years to come.

Leap of the Macsuls (Luck of the Polish Award)

Paul – Syagrius was abandoned by Madoc and in the end by his friend Sir Marcus Scipio, who passed on an opportunity to speak on his kinsman’s behalf.

Bill – Syagrius had not a friend to turn to in Salsbury.

Honoring Those Who Honor Us (Pat on the Group Back)

Paul – A nice session where the hope and optimism of all was fatefully tempered by the passions of individuals.

Bill – That was an impressive session. It was a lot of fun watching all the personalities clash (Finnian vs Kendrick, Keith vs Pedivere, Marcus vs the Christian knights) but still clearly regard each other as brothers.

Family Legends

Sir Finnian
See that burned down barn over there. Aye, we could tear it down and build a new one, but let it rest. Syagrius burnt it down and killed two of our men in the process. Who the hell is Syagrius? I don’t rightly know nor do I care to. But that barn will help you remember you’ve got more enemies than even you know that will take your land and your life.

Sir Gildas
The relief Sir Gildas felt when he saw Sir Henry recovery was only matched by his fear and confusion upon seeing the speed at which Sir Henry’s strength returned.

Sir Keith
One did not have to traverse Logres to find battles to fight. Perhaps the battles at home had consequences even more dire than those the King waged.

Sir Kendrick
Not only is Sir Henry back, but he has awoken into an age where Duke Ulfius and Earl Roderick can share a joke and a toast and in which the Saxons have been brought low. We have all awoken to a better time.

Sir Marcus
Sir Marcus went home richer in plunder, but poorer in spirit. Hehad no marriage prospects and a restless unease over the course of his life going forward.

Sir Marcus Scipio
That axe could do for another stricken man what it did for Sir Henry. What if the comrades of another fallen warrior try to take it away from us, for the same reasons we took it from King Octa?

Sir Pedivere
Pedivere scratched his chin and furtively contemplated these events.


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