Pendragon Grand Campaign

XIX. The dead were buried, but their legacies remained...

Wherein our heroes find no comfort in new surroundings and circumstances.

The Story So Far

Autumn, 491

The Duke of Cornwall is slain. His wife is remarried to the King. Prince Madoc has been buried with honors at Stonehenge.

For all the changes that have rocked Logres, though, nothing has penetrated the numb shock that struck closer to home. Sir Kendrick and Sir Pedivere have died, killed in the Battle of Terrabil. Sir Keith was almost killed by Sir Jaradan in a duel shrouded in mystery. Just a year ago, all was triumph and optimism. It all seems a distant dream now and not even happy events, like the wedding of Sir Marcus the Roman to the widow Indeg, can bring any joy.

And now the knights find themselves garrisoned at Terrabil, there to solidify the king’s iron grip over his formerly rebellious duchy. Winter has yet to arrive, yet those who live are chilled to the bone with premonition and worry. With their friends gone, knightly duty falls more heavily upon the survivors’ shoulders.

Player Characters
Sir Annan, Sir Finnian, Sir Henry, Sir Keith, Sir Marcus, Sir Marcus Scipio

Weekly Recap

Sir Dagonet’s Jest (Funniest Moment)

Paul – The image of Sir Marcus Scipio snarfing all over King Uther courtesy of a botched courtesy roll is too funny to resist.

Jeff – I prefer the Lady Indeg’s precipitous exit from the said event.

Incursion of the Fae (Eeriest Moment)

Paul – Merlin leaving the knights lost in the forest and their realization that they had stumbled into a life or death situation courtesy of another encounter with the magician.

Jeff – The slow realization that the once united group is beginning to crack in response to the varied fortunes of the group. Not everyone seems to regard Sir Keith’s elevation as highly as he.

Sir Dalan’s Charge (Best Heroics)

Paul – The knights aided Merlin in his quest!

Jeff – Standing firm(ish) against superior knights in the cause of a higher (?) good.

Hunting for Glatisant (Dubious Decision)

Paul – The knights aided Merlin in his quest!

Jeff – Knowingly holding off the King’s men once informed that Merlin had absconded with the heir.

A Dream of Camelot (Best Roleplay Moment)

Paul – The group hashing out their situation after Sir Brastias’ revelation of Merlin’s actions and their perceived culpability in it.

Jeff – The scene immediately prior when the wisdom of awaiting a wizard was discussed

Wily in Wylie (Luck of the Irish Award)

Paul – Sir Finnian and Sir Aldwyn for being absent and avoiding the treason charges.

Jeff – Following Merlin into the woods and NOT meeting the jabberwcky.

Leap of the Macsuls (Luck of the Polish Award)

Paul – Sir Annan shows up to carry on his brother’s work only to fall victim to his brother’s second-greatest lamentation: his group’s affiliation with pagan magic.

Jeff – The absolutely chance meeting of Merlin in the woods.

Honoring Those Who Honor Us (Pat on the Group Back)

Paul – A low-key session with some great character work. Interesting to watch Jeff find a feel for his new character and Zach wrap his head back around Henry.

Jeff – Heirs for everybody! Now, we just need some characters to live long enough to hand their manors over tot heir children.

Family Legends

Sir Annan
Will Merlin’s antics never stop agonizing the Fourniers?

Sir Finnian
Finnian had always regretted missing out on the Adventure of Sword Lake. When Merlin first appeared, Sir Finnian thought it would be his chance to make up for last time. Now he’s wondering if maybe he was the lucky one six year ago.

Sir Henry
Sir Henry was so grateful to Merlin for returning his life, he didn’t care whether or not Merlin was guilty. Honor demanded that Henry stand up for Merlin no matter what.

Sir Keith
Keith found himself longing for what he considered his birthright: to disappear without a trace like his ancestors before him.

Sir Marcus
We stand accused of treason. Aiding the wizard always seems to land us in a situation. Now, with Merlin apparently kidnapping the Prince, we are left to suffer the consequences. Who knows what goes on in the mind of the wizard. One thing is certain: we are in TROUBLE!

Sir Marcus Scipio
Dearest Indeg —

I have faith in the King’s justice, an faith in Merlin’s loyalty, but whatever happens, you know my love for you and our little Blake is eternal. The time may come when my dear mother may not be there to raise my new, youngest brother, Hadrian, and I ask that, even in my absence, you bring him up with Blake, treating him as your own, if indeed that time should come.

Until our happy reunion,
with devotion,
— Marcus


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