Creamer Coat of Arms (original)

House Creamer Coat of Arms


This shield is a replica of the shield carried by Col Creamer when first called to serve as a knight. It shows numerous repairs and evidence of dozens of battles, and hangs proudly above the hearth in the great hall of Cholderton Manor. The original disappeared along with Sir Col in 412.


History of the Creamer crest goes here.

Sample from House Fournier for inspiration:

Sir Guillame the Lion designed his coat of arms upon his being knighted. Sir Guillame had only recently arrived in England from Gaul and preferred to not speak of his past. As such, he let the Coat of Arms bear wishes for future glory rather than memories of past greatness. The simple design reflects this, the sable bend representing his oath to protect the lord and lands of his new home, represented by the vert field and or oakleaf.
_ It is rumored that the presence of the oakleaf of Sir Dalan’s shield was what led King Constantin to award the Fournier lineage the rural and heavily wooded Tisbury Manor in response to loyal service and devotion above reproach._

Creamer Coat of Arms (original)

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