Broken sword of Sir Vaddon the Holy

weapon (melee)

Lexbellator is a broken longsword made of an unknown alloy with a yellow sheen. Although it appears as if it was forged from solid gold, it holds an edge as well as tempered steel. Unfortunately, the blade is broken into three pieces, but the shards have kept their sharpness over the years. The quillions are fashioned into a pair of bull’s horns, and the haft was last wrapped with soft red leather.


In recognition for his work for the Holy Roman Church, Sir Vaddon the Holy was awarded Lexbellator, forged from a vessel of the Temple of Solomon and blessed by Pope Saint Siricus. Sir Vaddon wielded Lexbellator against the Goths and the Vandals and beheaded Radagasius with it.

Sir Sannan was knighted with Lexbellator, but the blade shattered during the knighting and scarred Sir Sannan’s face. Although the fragments of Lexbellator are kept at Shrewton, no blacksmith in the land has possessed the skill to reforge it.


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