Skull Splitter

Legendary Axe of House Brodrig

weapon (melee)

Skull Splitter is the ancestral weapon of a FAMILY OF HEROES, House Brodrig. Legend has it that the earliest Brodrigs, being giants, used Skull Splitter as a small hatchet, but it is rather plainly a large, bearded axe that has seen a lot of use.


Skull Splitter is a legendary and very large battle axe. It is particularly noteworthy for (1) being carried by the head of House Brodrig for four generations; (2) tempting two Brodrigs to their deaths when they decided to dismount in thick combat and to use Skull Splitter on foot; and (3) being responsible for more deaths than pretty much any other melee weapon ever. It sure has split a lot of skulls over the years, and it’s still in very good shape.

Skull Splitter

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