Adventure of the Vengeful Praetor

Wherein King Uther travels north so that he may use Excalibur to press his claim to the High Kingship of Britain. Earl Roderick is a member of his delegation, and with him go a small entourage of Sir Leo, Sir Bar, Sir Lycus, and Sir Keith. In Lincoln, the Duke of Lindsey falls into line at the presentation of the sword. Emboldened, the king dispatches smaller embassies to the various kingdoms of the north, entreating their kings to visit him in Lincoln. Sir Keith is given the honor of leading the delegation to Malahaut. After a fretful journey, they find the Centurion King who declines the invitation in no uncertain terms.




Participating PCs
Sir Finnian
Sir Gildas
Sir Kendrick

Notable NPCs
Roderick, Earl of Salisbury
Merlin, powerful magician and trusted advisor to King Uther Pendragon
Uther Pendragon, King of Logres
Heraut de Aprés, King of Malahaut, known as The Centurion King.
Eurain, King of Rheged
Duke of Cambenet, who speaks on behalf of his liege King Uriens of Gorre
Nentres, King of Garloth

The Tale

After the victory, King Uther marches his army to
walls of Malahaut’s chief city, Eburacum. The Centurion
King is outside, with his army assembled, at ease,
behind him. The two kings meet warmly, and Uther is
invited into the city under the condition that his army
does not pillage, plunder, or act in any way other than
friends to Malahaut.
A couple days later, the two kings, plus a formidable
and appropriate escort, ride out to Catterick, a fortified
city at the edge of Malahaut. They camp, hunt, and so
on, and after a week and a half visitors arrive: Eurain, the
king of Rheged; the Duke of Cambenet, who speaks on
behalf of his liege King Uriens; and the King of Garloth,
who has no idea whatsoever about the evil of his brotherin-
law and ally, King Lot.
Player Hooks: Players might go ahead as the messengers
to the northern lords. They might stand as
guards to the king and stop some assassins. They might
wander into the hills and find some other adventure to
change the military pounding of the last few years.
Uther shows Excalibur to the rulers during their
public welcoming and interviews, and might also have
the player knights recite the story of the Adventure of
Sword Lake. It is a beautiful sword, but to men in power
it seems to have a mesmerizing effect much greater than
its effect on a mere knight.

Glory Awards
10 glory for speaking at the king’s command (Sir Keith)
15 glory for witnessing Lindsey’s submission (Sir Keith)
80 glory for defeating Saxon raiders (20 each amongst all knights)
10 glory for delivering the king’s message (Sir Keith)

Total possible glory: 115

Associated Adventure Logs
Session 8

Adventure of the Vengeful Praetor

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