Battle of Eburacum

Year: 484
Location: Eburacum, Malahaut
Length of Battle: X rounds
Battle Size: Medium
Glory Rating: (30 × 1d6 x 0.5)

British force:
King Uther (Battle = 19)

Saxon force:
Vorxa, Saxon chieftain (Battle = 17)

British soldiers: 2000 soldiers
Saxons/Rebel nobles: 3000 soldiers

Knights of Note
Sir Herlews (75) (Died of wounds sustained in this battle)
Sir Reginald Fournier
Sir Annan (15) (Witnessed final battle of father and eldest brother, Reginald)


Another wave of Saxons arrives by boat and settles in the land of Diera. Aided by the Saxons in Britain and some rebellious northern Britons, they attack in the land of Malahaut. Their army defeats the northern defenders, then lays siege to the city of Eburacum. King Uther raises his army and hastens northward to join battle. However, King Uther, anxious to relieve the sorry inhabitants of Eburacum, is drawn into a trap and fights a desperate battle, from which he barely escapes with great loss. Sir Herlews was gravely wounded in this battle and never recovered, dying in early 485.

The Fight

Historical Record

From the apocryphal History of Arthur’s Britain & His Noble Knights by Paul of Monmouth:

Deep in Satan’s counsel are the Saxons when even a supreme act of bravery and kinsmanship can be turned successfully against a knight of courage. So it was when Good King Uther Pendragon attempted to aid his fellow liege Heraut de Apres, the Centurion King, in his struggle against a Saxon invasion from the east only for the Pendragon to fall into a trap only the lowest and most vile of cunning could conceive. Again, the noble families of Logres did pay a steep price, none more so than the Fourniers. Young Reginald, heir to the name, was struck a most terrible blow that cleaved skull to neck. Then in a tale that still makes women weep, his father, the most honorable Herlews the Bullheaded, was brought low defending the corpse of his beloved first born. Herlews would linger for a while after, but as all know, tis a cruel twist when a father outlives their son.

Battle of Eburacum

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