Battle of Frisia

Year: 478
Location: Frisa, France
Length of Battle: X rounds
Battle Size: Small
Glory Rating: (15 × 1d6 x 1)

British force:
Aurelius Pendragon (Battle = 20)

Frisian force:
Horst, Frisian chieftian (Battle = 17)

British soldiers: 800 soldiers
Frisian warriors: 1200 soldiers

Knights of Note
Sir Douglas (115)
Sir Herlews (115)


For years, Aurelius Ambrosius has been building a fleet of ships in the ports of his western lands. In this year, he musters his army and sets sail. The fleet is under the command of his long-time friend and ally, Admiral Gwenwynwyn. Sweeping around the southern coast, Pendragon destroys the fleets of the Saxons in Britain. Then he sails to the Continent, destroying all the hostile shipping as he goes. The British army lands in Frisia, doing great damage to the Saxons there, and winning a battle against the barbarians. The Saxons in Britain begin vicious raiding in retaliation.

The Fight

Historical Record

From the apocryphal History of Arthur’s Britain & His Noble Knights by Paul of Monmouth:

Like the wings of a dragon, the sails of High King Aurelius Amborius did sweep across the coasts of Britain and Europe beyond. Fire and death were brought to the enemies of the fair isle and no enemy ship was spared the torch. With the High King went the knights of Salisbury, including Earl Roderick whose blood still burned hotly years after losing so many precious warriors in the calamity of Windsor. Of the Salisbury knights who did fight, none did so with more gallantry than Sir Douglas and Sir Herlews. Both too were as deep in anger and mourning as their liege for only God’s strange workings had kept them from the field at Windsor and they looked to this most noble crusade as due vengeance for their fallen comrades. A story is told that Sir Douglas and Sir Herlews did almost drown one time. Pitious was their flailing and cries for help til the Pendragon himself made known that they were in water only four feet deep and just off the shore. The truth of this tale is unknown, but was not spoken of in gentle company out of politeness.

Battle of Frisia

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