Battle of Mearcred Creek

Year: 485
Location: Mearcred Creek, Sussex
Length of Battle: 5 rounds
Battle Size: Medium
Result: Inconclusive
Glory Rating: (30 × 5 × 1)

Logres forces:
King Uther (Battle = 19)
Sir Elad (Unit Commander, Battle = 19)

Saxon forces:
King Aelle (Battle = 17)

Logres: 2000 soldiers
Saxons: 3000 warriors

Knights of Note
Sir Finnian
Sir Gordon
Sir Henry
Sir Keith
Sir Kendrick
Sir Marcus
Sir Pedivere


The Fight
Round 1: A full-on charge against Saxon ceorl. Even odds. Sir Kendrick is unhorsed, becoming his own unit.
Round 2: Sir Elad fails his battle roll, causing the group to get pushed back by a force of heorthgeneats. Sir Kendrick makes his battle roll and scores a stunning victory over a charging Saxon berserker.
Round 3: Sir Elad critically impales his battle roll, and uses his advantage in the moment to rally his unit and fight their way over to Sir Kendrick. They fight against ceorl.
Round 4: A normal round against ceorl.
Round 5: A normal round against ceorl. At the end of the round, King Uther sounds the horn for withdrawal.

Historical Record

From the apocryphal History of Arthur’s Britain & His Noble Knights by Paul of Monmouth:

King Uther was bold and brave but in his boldness and braveness was oft rash and so it was in 485 when his plans for an invasion of Saxon lands was well-known throughout all Britain. His mighty host did march but lo as they crossed into Saxon lands they were met at the hilly and well-forested lands along Mearcred Creek, giving the Saxon footmen a fighting chance. The fighting was thick and no finer achievements were there that day than Sir Kendrick felling a berserker some ten feet tall with an axe just as big. The day did not end in victory but the young knights of Logres got to wet their ancestral hatreds in Saxon blood.

Associated Adventure Log
Session 5

Battle of Mearcred Creek

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