Battle of Mount Damen

Year: 484
Location: Mount Damen, Malahaut
Length of Battle: X rounds
Battle Size: Medium
Glory Rating: (30 × 1d6 x 2 × 1.5)

British force:
King Uther (Battle = 19)

Saxon force:
Vorxa, Saxon chieftain (Battle = 17)

British soldiers: 1500 soldiers
Saxon warriors: 3000 soldiers

Knights of Note


Despite his defeat at Eburacum and now vastly outnumbered, King Uther refused to give up. With the battered remnants of his army, he snuck north under cover of darkness, and fell upon the celebrating Saxons who were drunk on both victory and ale. The Saxons were slaughtered and Uther claimed a great victory. Without their Saxon supporters, the rebellious northern nobles are either dealt with or fall back in line.

The Fight

Historical Record

From the apocryphal History of Arthur’s Britain & His Noble Knights by Paul of Monmouth:

Much has already been written of Uther’s daring counter-attack and of the magic used by Merlin the Enchanter which allowed the Pendragon’s host to fall upon the hated foe in their drunken, lustful stupor. ‘twas said that Merlin’s magic enhanced the sounds of merriment from the Saxon camp thus drowning out the approaching clamor of the host. Before his death, Sir Herlews seemed to think this so for through teeth gritted together in most agonizing daily pain he recalled the grim joy in his heart from where he lay in camp when the sounds of laughter became cries of terror and then screams of pain before all was silence.

Battle of Mount Damen

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