Madoc's Naval Raids

Year: 487
Location: Eastern coast of Britain
Battles: There were five battles in all: (1) the Raid at Pevensy; (2) the Raid at Dover; (3) the Raid at Maldon; (4) the Battle of the Blackwater; and (5) the Battle of the Wash. Each battle ran 3-4 rounds.
Result: Inconclusive
Glory Rating: Flat award of 10 points at Pevensy, 20 at Dover, none at Maldon, 30 at the Battle of the Blackwater, and 30 at the Battle of the Wash.

Logres forces:
Prince Madoc (Battle = 14)
Admiral Gwenwynwyn (Battle = 17)

Saxon forces:
Various Saxon warriors

Logres: 100 knights and various sailors
Saxons: Various counts.

Knights of Note
Sir Finnian (60)
Sir Henry (90)
Sir Kendrick (60)
Sir Marcus (60)
Sir Pedivere (60)
Sir Annan (75)


The dregs of Logres’ knights were ordered to report to Hantonne, at the mouth of the River Test, to raid with Prince Madoc. Before setting forth, Prince Madoc explained that these raids were for purely military reasons, not to invade, not to seek plunder, not for glory, and not for love of country. Rather, the sole purpose of the mere hundred or so knights who appeared was to protect sailors going ashore to set enemy ships ablaze.

The admiral, Gwenwynwyn, son of Naf, commanded the flagship, which returned Aurelius Ambrosius and Uther to the shores of Britain in 468.

The Raid at Pevensey

Round One: (MULLALLW ran this, and my notes weren’t copied)

The Raid at Dover

Round One: Saxon ceorls were the foes, and quickly down they went. Sir Pedivere, Sir Henry and Sir Kendrick did become inspired and slew the ceorls with critical hits, but alas, the Little Giant missed.

Round Two: Heorthgenats came out in force, and again Sir Henry and Sir Kendrick scored critical hits. Sir Pedivere and Sir Marcus likewise acquitted themselves nobly and wounded two more heorthgenats.

Round Three: A line of Saxon berserkers came from within the bowels of the enemy vessel, yet all four knights scored critical hits and fell the brutes before any would return a single blow. Huzzah!

The Raid at Maldon

Round One: No enemy deigned to present himself, and the ships were burned without incident.

The Battle of the Blackwater

Round One: Bowmen loosed their arrows upon the brave knights, and so disheartened was Sir Pedivere that he went mad. Fortunately, Sir Kendrick inspired Sir Pedivere’s love of his liege and snapped him out of the madness. Sir Henry did slay bowman, with a critical hit. Sir Marcus, however, took a critical hit from an expert bowman.

Round Two: As the bowmen fell back, well-equipped ceorls were called to the front to halt the knight’s advance, and again did Sir Henry and Sir Kendrick did slay them with critical hits. Sir Pedivere struck fear into their hearts with an errant, though powerful, thrust of his spear, and Sir Marcus got to his feet to dish out some pain.

Round Three: Lower quality ceorls were all that remained of the front line troops, and again Sir Pedivere cowed them with a show of his spearmanship. Sir Marcus and Sir Kendrick each drew Saxon blood that round, but Sir Henry chopped one in ‘twain.

Round Four: Heorthgenats fought next, and though Sir Kendrick followed Sir Pedivere’s example of using terror tactics, Sir Pedivere changed his approach so as to run a Saxon through. Sir Marcus and Sir Henry scored critical successes that did fell their foes.

The Battle of the Wash

Round One: Again did Sir Pedivere despair and go mad, and in his effort to snap Sir Pedivere from his madness again, a great melancholy overtook Sir Kendrick. Sir Marcus attempted to cure Sir Kendrick’s melancholy, but he became melancholic himself, and in their mutual melancholy, Sir Marcus and Sir Kendrick did fight. Sir Henry climbed onto the Saxon boat to find himself surrounded by Saxons.

Round Two: As Sir Pedivere looked for a place to run away, he fought naught but water around him. Sir Kendrick and Sir Marcus continued to grapple sadly, and in attempting to separate them, Aaron the Jew took an arrow to the head.

Round Three: Sir Henry was seemingly slain by a mighty blow from a Saxon berserker’s great axe. Thus ended the battle.

Historical Record

From the apocryphal Worcester Manuscript, by Sir Thomas Malory:

Prince Madoc’s ambition ‘twas wide as the sea and thrice as vast, as he led a company of a mere hundred knights across the waters to set aflame the navies of Britain’s foes. From the mouth of the River Test, and under the command of noble Admiral Gwenwynwyn, the fleet made its way to Pevensy, where the ships of King Aelle, of the South Saxons, quickly became tinder. But alas! gravely wounded was Sir Pedivere, who was said to have lost an inch in stature after a blow to the back from a Saxon axe.

Undaunted, the fleet pass’d the White Cliffes, and spying a Jutte force landed at Dover, they did take up arms and slew a mighty company of Saxon berserkers, and it was said that the melee was so pitched that no knight left those shores without claiming a Saxon head.

Up the Blackwater River did the fleet sail, and after torching unguarded shops at Maldon, where the Blackwater River meets the Colne, they met a fleet of East Saxons. After a brief battle at sea, the Saxon dogs fled up the Colne, where they were drawn up upon the beach, and the Saxons were slain to the man. Sir Pedivere became mad as he could not help but feel sympathy for the men whose blood drain’d into the sand, and Sir Kendrick encouraged him onward for love of their liege.

After a respite in Yarmouth, the fleet sailed northward to the lands of Lindsea. They were met again in the in the waters of the Wash, and again did Sir Pedivere despair and drift into madness. Sir Kendrick was overcome with a great melancholy as he endeavor’d to aid his friend, as did Sir Marcus in his work to aid Sir Kendrick in turn. In their melancholy did Sir Kendrick and Sir Marcus grapple, ‘till Squire Aaron the Jew took an arrow in the back defending them. Meanwhile, upon a Saxon vessel, a massive berserker split Sir Henry’s skull from crown to chin with a mighty battle axe, and so ended the Battle of the Wash.

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Madoc's Naval Raids

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