Siege of Carlion

Year: 466
Location: Carlion, Escavalon
Length of Battle: 6 rounds
Battle Size: Small
Glory Rating: (15 × 1d6 x 1)

British Forces
King Vortigern (Battle = 18)

Rebel Nobles:
Aurelius Ambrosius (Battle = 18)

British forces: 1000 soldiers
Rebel forces: 1000 soldiers

Knights of Note
Sir Corryn (15) (Died in battle)
Sir Dominic (30)
Sir Douglas (15)
Sir Halwyn (15)
Sir Herlews (15)
Sir Medrod (90)
Sir Scipio (60)


In 466, Aurelius Ambrosius, son of the former King Constantin and brother of Constans, landed in Hampshire with an army from Brittany. He carried a great banner with a red dragon upon it. All across the land, discontented nobles mustered their armies and joined him. Vortigern sought to quickly snuff out this new rebellion, but his Saxon allies went home to Kent and many other allies deserted him.

Amidst the confusion of those early days, Aurelius Ambrosius managed to lay siege to a large portion of King Vortigern’s British forces in Carlion. Still fresh from anger over the Night of Long Knives, young Earl Roderick of Salisbury brought the entirety of his knights to aid in the effort.

The siege was an overwhelming success with few casualties. Initial attempts to break the siege early met with difficulty, so Ambrosius was content to build an array of siege machines in plain sight while offering amnesty for surrender or certain death if he had to carry through the siege. The prince’s offer of mercy won out. After accepting the surrender of Vortigern’s forces, Aurelius Ambrosius marched through the entire island, accepting the submission of those loyal to Vortigern. Many consider the victory at Carlion the true beginning of the Pendragon’s reign.

The Fight
Round 1: Sir Corryn dies during an initial attempt on the wall.
Rounds 2-5: Normal. Aurelius Ambrosius settles in for a long siege, mustering his full power.
Round 6: The city commanders accept Ambrosius’ offer of amnesty and open the gates.

Historical Record

From the apocryphal History of Arthur’s Britain & His Noble Knights by Paul of Monmouth:

Full of vigor and just cause, the knights of Aurelius Ambrosius lay mighty siege to the city of Carlion. The defenders, though, were both fearful and proud, fighting to the best of their abilities. Sir Corryn died a most lamentable death on that first day when he did reach the city gates and looked up only to receive a pail-full of hot pitch upon his poor face. His screaming did embolden the defenders and strike fear into Aurelius’ lines. ‘twas then that Sir Medrod managed to scale the walls elsewhere and with him it was said was Sir Scipio, and many were the foes who swore they saw the ghosts of dead legionnaires fighting by the knight’s side as he shouted Latin battle cries. Though the walls were not gained and the knights forced to retreat, it shook the defender’s confidence and prepared them for the amnesty they would ultimately accept. Of Sir Corryn, it is said that the Macsul women wept bitterly upon seeing his savaged visage.

Siege of Carlion

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