Slaughter of Grately

Year: 489
Location: Grately, Salisbury
Length of Battle: 3 rounds
Battle Size: Skermish
Result: Massacre
Glory Rating: Something like 50 per knight

Salisbury forces:
Sir Keith, Knight Vassal of Cholderton (Battle = 15)

Silchester forces:
Sir Rochester(?), Knight Bachelor of Levcomagus (Battle = 14)

Salisbury: 40 knights
Silchester: 50 knights

Knights of Note
Sir Keith (50-something)
Sir Pedivere (50-something)
Sir Kendrick (50-something)
Sir Marcus Scipio (50-something)
Sir Finnian (50-something)
Sir Annan (50)


I’m working on it.

The Fight
Round 1: Charging Silchester knights are stopped by a flaming barracade before them and begin to retreat. Many a horse and man are roasted alive, but the village pyromaniac, Bernard, is crushed beneath Silchester hooves.
Round 2: Retreating Silchester knights are demolished by a cavalry charge from the rear led by Sir Pedivere and Sir Kendrick. The Silchester forces take 75% casualties, and those not killed are captured in the rout. Sir Finnian’s unpopular uncle is slain, but there are no other Salisbury casualties.

Historical Record

From the apocryphal Worcester Manuscript by Sir Thomas Malory:

Hold, yon Sir Knight, for I am still working on this.

Associated Adventure Log
Session 12

Slaughter of Grately

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