With the exception of 485, dates shown represent the glory at the beginning of a given year.

485 (Start)

1. Squire Kendrick Worboys (194)
2. Squire Pedivere Fournier (181)
3. Squire Gordon Korsak (168)
4. Squire Marcus Brodrig (165)
5. Squire Marcus Scipio Ciociola (160)
6. Squire Keith Creamer (149)
7. Squire Henry Macsul (129)
8. Squire Finnian Mullally (125)

The squires were to be knighted a year earlier than usual due to the heavy losses at Eburacum and Mount Damen. It was at Eburacum that Sir Herlews Fournier, last of the previous generation, received a mortal wound. The story began with the squires en route to Tisbury, House Fournier’s seat, for the funeral.

485 (End)

1. Sir Kendrick Worboys (1550)
2. Sir Henry Macsul (1535)
3. Sir Pedivere Fournier (1452)
4. Sir Marcus Brodrig (1451)
5. Sir Marcus Scipio Ciociola (1441)
6. Sir Keith Creamer (1420)
7. Sir Gordon Korsak (1388)
8. Sir Finnian Mullally (1385)

485 saw our heroes knighted, participating in their first tourney, their first skermish, and their first battle.


1. Sir Keith Creamer (3135)
2. Sir Kendrick Worboys (2512)
3. Sir Pedivere Fournier (2143)
4. Sir Gildas Macsul (2112)
5. Sir Marcus Brodrig (1938)
6. Sir Marcus Scipio Ciociola (1822)
7. Sir Finnian Mullally (1700)

The united glory of our heroes was to be short-lived, culminating in the Adventure of Sword Lake in 486. In 487, Sir Gordon was promoted to Master of the Hunt in the Earl’s court, leaving the party. That same year, Sir Henry was brought low by a berserker’s axe during Prince Madoc’s naval raids against the Saxons. He was saved thanks to the administration of a timely magic potion, but it left him in a magical state of slumber. His half-brother, Sir Gildas, represented the family in the intervening years. Salisbury’s ill fortune was Sir Keith’s good luck as Earl Roderick allowed him the rather undeserved privilege of marrying Lady Adwen simply to spite Duke Ulfius.


1. Sir Marcus Scipio Ciociola (7218)
2. Sir Keith Creamer (4229)
3. Sir Marcus Brodrig (4003)
4. Sir Annan Fournier (2980)
5. Sir Aldwyn Worboys (2896)
6. Sir Henry Macsul (2735)
7. Lady Finnian

The intervening years saw ultimate triumph turn into starkest tragedy. A clarity of vision gave way to bitter disillusionment.