Pendragon Grand Campaign

XX. Cries of "Traitors!" greeted the knights as they arrived at Tintagel...

Wherein the knights defend their honor and lives in a trial before the king.

The Story So Far

Spring, 492

491 ended in a daze, an unhappy dream that no one could wake up from. Even Sir Henry found himself shook up simply at the gaze of a young girl, when Queen Ygraine’s daughter Morgan stared at him with curious intent. Far from home, away from their families, the knights did their duty in a strange, unwelcoming land.

The arrival of Merlin was greeting with some excitement, as the last time brought them great glory and adventure. Yet in the space of a few hours, their lives took a severe turn for the worse. Merlin left them waiting deep in the forest and when he return, he bade them distract his pursuers. Those pursuers turned out to be the king’s own men, and the confusion proved enough for Merlin to escape.

Sir Brastias swore that this would not be the end of it, and he was a man of his word. The call came from Tintagel to report there to answer charges of treason. The knights ride forth with heavy hearts and uncertain feelings to face their accusers.

Player Characters
Sir Aldwyn, Sir Annan, Sir Finnian, Sir Henry, Sir Keith, Sir Marcus, Sir Marcus Scipio

Weekly Recap

Sir Dagonet’s Jest (Funniest Moment)

Paul – Partway into our twentieth session, Gabe realizes that it is assigned seating at the table.

Bryant -rolling for events with gabe gaining a daughter and shortly thereafter losing a wife.

Incursion of the Fae (Eeriest Moment)

Paul – The disconcerting visit by The Waterman.

Bryant – Awaiting the judgement.

Sir Dalan’s Charge (Best Heroics)

Paul – Earl Roderick stood in public opposition to the king for you. I hope you appreciate it.

Bryant – And our mentor as well for believing our innocence.

Hunting for Glatisant (Dubious Decision)

Paul – Sir Marcus Scipio was given a “Get Out of Jail Free” card and used it whilst his brothers remained under threat of death.

Bryant – Indeed.

A Dream of Camelot (Best Roleplay Moment)

Paul – Each of the speeches given by the knights, appropriate to the skill/trait/passion they chose to roll on.

Bryant – I have to agree.

Wily in Wylie (Luck of the Irish Award)

Paul – Lady Indeg’s premature death shitcans a number of devious plot developments that I had in the works.

Bryant – The group for getting acquitted.

Leap of the Macsuls (Luck of the Polish Award)

Paul – First the knights are falsely accused and then when they are acquitted, all of a sudden people blame them for Merlin’s exile.

Bryant – Me for saving my courtesy rolls then when I decide to get married fail my roll.

Honoring Those Who Honor Us (Pat on the Group Back)

Paul – The accused knights did a good job of pushing the conversation without much prodding with me. There was a lot to discuss, and they did so in conflict with their own passions and each other. Good stuff.

Bryant – definitely the discussions we had pretrial

Family Legends

Sir Aldwyn
The knights who condemned Merlin? Ridiculous! If anyone has been bewitched, it’s our good king, and I shudder to think that perhaps none but Merlin can set things right.

Sir Annan
Justice comes at a high price. One that only Romans can pay.

Sir Finnian
Finnian could only shrug when asked about his role in Merlin’s machinations. “Apparently I was possessed,” said he. “I didn’t feel possessed, but then I’ve never been possessed so wouldn’t really even know what to look for. The point is that I was found innocent and live to fight another day. Luck o’ the Irish wins again.”

Sir Henry
The pagan Henry was prepared to denounce his own defense until a niggling doubt settled into his mind: there was so much magic in him that how could he be sure what was his free will and what was compulsion? That minute doubt stayed his voice and, for it, stayed the executioner’s hand.

Sir Keith
And thus were the knights of Salisbury used to advance the cause of the enemy.

Sir Marcus
Sir Marcus was relieved he and his friends were free and cleared of all charges. He knew the pain the king was going through, but there was still more behind the abduction of the Prince. Time would only tell.

Sir Marcus Scipio
Oh Blake my Blake my little Blake. How he wails. He knows he has lost his most fearsome defender. I in armor, mounted, with sword and shield at hand, am but a meagre substitute. Yea, I got my wish that my children would know their father, but forgot to wish for the mother, too. The gods make every wish a cruel jape.


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