Pendragon Grand Campaign

XXIII. Cambrian hospitality was a deliberate, measured thing...

Wherein the knights deliver a letter and await word to carry back.

The Story So Far

Spring, 494

As went the king, so went the land. A general malaise fell upon Logres as the king lay ill, unseen by all save his closest advisors. Was this Merlin’s doing or had the king sent away the one man in all of Britain who could cure him? No one could say, but everyone knew that something had to change quickly. Octa was pillaging the Malahaut countryside, but he would not tarry there long. Lindsey and the north garrisoned against the inevitable moment.

By specific request, the knights of Sword Lake and their compatriots had been sent west into Cambria, there to treat with Sir Canan of Estregales and deliver a letter from King Uther. King Canan was the dominant political figure of the region. If an alliance with King Canan could be secured, then King Uther could have the stability and additional soldiery that he needed to meet King Octa head on.

The journey to this point has been uneventful. It started at Shrewton, where the knights did their best to comfort Lady Wynne. This was followed by a journey through Clarence and a visit in Gloucester with the venerable and plain-spoken Duke Gloucester. Leaving Logres brought them to Carlion, where they met with their former comrade Sir Alain and had dinner with King Nanteleod. Their meeting with Nanteleod was filled with candor, though instead of comforting them, it left them with questions. Why were they specifically chosen? What is in this letter that they are carrying? The knights had little time to ponder these things, for the next morning they were up early and continued their journey west.

Player Characters
Sir Aldwyn, Sir Annan, Sir Finnian, Sir Henry, Sir Keith, Sir Marcus, Sir Marcus Scipio


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