Kendrick Worboys

A Vassal Knight of Salisbury


Name: Kendrick Worboys
Birth: 463
Death: 491
Cause of Death: Slain at the Siege of Castle Terrabil
Father: Medrod
Son Number: 1
Successor: Geralt (first-born son)
Homeland: Salisbury
House: Worboys
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Ending Class: Vassal Knight
Primary Home: Shrewton
Ending Glory: 3,564


SIZ 11
DEX 11
STR 11
CON 15
APP 19

Distinctive Features: Adonis; handsome face; strong voice

TRAITS (Bold indicates Religous trait; Italics indicates Chivalric trait)

Chaste 13 / Lustful 7
Energetic 11 / Lazy 9
Forgiving 14 / Vengeful 6
Generous 10 / Selfish 10
Honest 10 / Deceitful 10
Just 17 / Arbitrary 3
Merciful 14 / Cruel 6
Modest 12 / Proud 8
Pious 11 / Worldly 9
Prudent 10 / Reckless 10
Temperate 13 / Indulgent 7
Trusting 10 / Suspicious 10
Valorous 17 / Cowardly 3


Loyalty (Lord) 16
Love (Family) 16
Hospitality 15
Honor 17
Hate (Saxons) 11

SKILLS (Bold indicates a knightly skill)

Awareness 11
Boating 1
Compose 1
Courtesy 15
Dancing 5
Faerie Lore 2
Falconry 3
First Aid 10
Flirting 5
Folklore 2
Gaming 3
Heraldry 18
Hunting 2
Intrigue 11
Orate 11
Play (Harp) 3
Read (Latin) 10
Recognize 5
Religion (Roman Christian) 2
Romance 5
Singing 2
Stewardship 3
Swimming 2
Tourney 2


Battle 15
Horsemanship 15
Sword 19
Lance 15
Spear 9
Dagger 7


The Rearing of Kendrick
Though Vala was heartbroken by the death of her son, Sir Medrod, it is written that she told Sir Medrod’s wife, Bronwyn, “It is good that you and I should raise Kendrick, for he shall have a man’s credibility, but he shall learn a woman’s subtlety.” In this way they raised both Kendrick and his sister, Adara, from a young age, as their father and uncles were only rarely at Shrewton, and for a time it went unnoticed that Kendrick had become boastful and dishonest.

When Sir Medrod fell at Windsor in Kendrick’s twelfth year, Sir Aldwyn undertook to raise Kendrick as one of his own, alongside his own sons, Nodens and Maldwyn. Though the women of Shrewton sought to block Sir Aldwyn’s intervention, he saw the taint of woman’s deceit manifest within Kendrick, and he taught the lad of knightly virtue. Though Sir Aldwyn acquitted himself nobly, Kendrick would struggle with the contradictions in his upbringing for the rest of his days.

The Courtly Squire
Vala and Bronwyn taught Kendrick much about the courtly life, and though he lagged behind his peers in the arts of war, his knowledge of heraldry, courtesy and intrigue were unmatched the squires of Salisbury. Indeed, by the time he became squired to Sir Elad of Vagon, Squire Kendrick was said to be the most handsome man in all of Britain.

Although his skill with a sword was remarkable, Squire Kendrick fared poorly in horsemanship and the use of other knightly weapons. To make up for these shortcomings, Sir Elad drilled Squire Kendrick harder than he did his prior squires, and through the efforts of both knight and squire, Kendrick’s shortcomings had been ameliorated within only a few years.

The Knighting of Kendrick
As winter gave way to Spring in the Year of Our Lord 485, Squire Kendrick made his way from Shrewton to Tisbury, the Manor of House Fournier, to attend the funeral of Sir Herlews, of House Fournier, father of Pedivere, who had been mortally wounded in his efforts to shield his eldest son and heir in battle. Along with Squire Kendrick rode Squire Keith of House Creamer, Squire Marcus Scippio, of House Ciociola, son of Scipio Spartacus, Squire Henry of House Macsul, son of Sir Corryn, Squire Finnian, of House Mullally, son of Sir Daig, and Squire Marcus, of House Brodrig, son of Sir Dominic. Though Pedivere had squired in his younger days, as the second son, he devoted his last five years as a man of the cloth.

Upon the company’s arrival at Tisbury, they were met at the gates by Earl Roderick and Prince Madoc, son of King Uther Pendragon, who embraced Pedivere out of love for his noble father and brother before the astonished crowd. In the chapel at Tisbury, Prince Madoc gave a worthy eulogy to the fallen Sir Herlews and apologized for his father’s absence, for her was preparing to campaign against the Saxons in the north once spring came in earnest.

After raising many a glass to Sir Hewins, to King Uther, and many other knights, known and obscure, many in attendance at the highest table, including Prince Madoc, became impressed with Squire Kendrick and forgave his station so that they could converse with him.

The young squires roused themselves early to ride to Vagon with Sir Elad, whereupon they demonstrated their great skill in tilting with the horrible thing that swings back at you, but many a squire became unseated from his horse in his zeal to win a pair of races.

Kendrick Worboys

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