Pedivere Fournier

A Vassal Knight of Salisbury.


Name: Pedivere Fournier
Birth: 461
Death: 491 at the Siege Terrible
Father: Herlews
Son Number: 2
Homeland: Salisbury
House: Fournier
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Current Class: Knight
Current Home: Tisbury
Current Mental State: Deceased (3116 GLORY)

SIZ 12 DEX 10 STR 15 CON 13 APP 16

Personality Traits

Chaste 16 / 4 Lustful
* Energetic 13 / 7 Lazy
Forgiving 11 / 9 Vengeful
* Generous 16 / 4 Selfish
Honest 8 / 12 Deceitful
* Just 10 / 10 Arbitrary
* Merciful 10 / 10 Cruel
* Modest 15 / 5 Proud
Pious 16 / 4 Worldly
Prudent 8 / 12 Reckless
Temperate 14 / 6 Indulgent
Trusting 10 / 10 Suspicious
* Valorous 16 / 4 Cowardly


Loyalty (Roderick) 15 |Love (Family) 18| Hospitality 16 | Honor 15 | Hate (Saxons) 7 | Hate (Madoc) 8 |Distrust (Silchester) 5


|Awareness 11 |Boating 1| |Compose 1|Courtesy 3|Dancing 2|Faerie Lore 7|Falconry 3|First Aid 10|Flirting 3|Folklore 5|Gaming 3|Heraldry 3|Hunting 8|Intrigue 7|Orate 13|Play (Harp) 3|Read(Latin) 10|Recognize 3|Religion (BC) 10|Romance 2|Singing 2|Stewardship 13|Swimming 2|Tourney 2|
Battle 15 Siege - Horsemanship 15 Sword 10 Lance 11 Spear 16 Dagger 5

Early Years:

Pedivere was called to serve the church, and entered the monastery at Sarum to take his vows. Assigned to learn ministry at Cholderton, Pedivere was recalled by Uther into service in 485 upon the death of his father and older brother Reginald despite his strongest protestations.

Uther Period:

Sir Pedivere is remembered for his cautious and pacific advice outside of combat superseded only by a fierce loyalty and reckless action in combat. Despite being deeply suspicious of the heathen magicks of Merlin, he was included on the journey where Merlin acquired Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake. He soon came to the attention of Prince Madoc who sought to put Pedivere’s distrust — and some whisper disloyalty — to the test by testing him and his men in the fiercest fighting against the Saxons. The strain of ordering his men into such violent clashes wounded his mind more than the devastating blows he took, and Madoc supplanted the Saxons as Pedivere’s greatest foe. In his final battle, it has been claimed that Sir Pedivere was run through fro behind while obeying Prince Madoc’s call for assistance when Duke Gorlois treacherously sallied forth from his besieged Castle Terrible. Pedivere’s squire still speaks of the mixture of horror and awe he felt when he saw Pedivere rush to the army’s aid without horse or armor, and insists that Pedivere would yet be alive if he didn’t blindly obey his greatest rival’s desperate plea for help…

Family Record:
Married Elaine Bethel 485, a most ugly and crass woman (-5 Courtesy)
Sired Geoffrey (Elaine) 488
Sired Bevinda (Elaine) 490
Upon his death, Geoffrey inherited Tisbury as a ward under his uncle Annan Fournier

Pedivere Fournier

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