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  • Session1

    The Story So Far:

    Early Spring, 485

    In 484, King Uther led his army north to fight against a Saxon incursion, falling into a trap and defeat at Eburacum followed immediately by the audacious yet costly victory at

  • Session2

    The Story So Far

    Early Spring, 485

    The funeral of Sir Herlews was a grand affair, befitting a knight who had served his liege faithfully and honorably. Prince Madoc was in attendance and spoke most eloquently in

  • Session3

    The Story So Far

    Early Spring, 485

    A joust was held for the right to lead the hunt, each round mightier than the last. At the end, Squire Henry of House Macsul stood tall, following up his triumph in the race

  • Session4

    The Story So Far

    Spring, 485

    On the way back from Vagon, the squires encountered bandits pillaging a farmhouse near Orcheston. They launched into battle and quickly subdued the scoundrels. At the same time, a

  • Session5

    The Story So Far

    Summer, 485

    The former squires enjoyed their first Pentecost Court as Vassal Knights, basking in the congratulations of the moment. They undertook their first apprentices the next day

  • Session6

    The Story So Far

    Spring, 486

    In early summmer, the knights answered the call of their liege. Some, like Sir Marcus Scipio, stayed behind to defend the county. The rest rode to Sarum their wounds healed,

  • Session7

    The Story So Far

    Late Spring, 486

    Our heroes began their first full year as knights with some significant events. Sir Henry became husband and father. Sir Pedivere married Elaine, the Maid of Tisbury. Sir

  • Session8

    The Story So Far

    Spring, 487

    Excalibur! The name echoes throughout the land, as did tales of the knights who aided Merlin in bringing it back. All were agreed that Sir Pedivere, the priestly knight, was one. So

  • Session9

    The Story So Far

    Summer, 487

    Uncertainty reigned with more certainty in Logres than the king himself. So it was that in 487, Uther Pendragon set forth tasks to regain advantage. With Excalibur as his symbol of

  • Session10

    The Story So Far

    Spring, 488

    If ever a decade had been cursed with misery, surely it must be this one. So thought the denizens of Earl Rodericks domain. It started with the Saxon invasion of Salisbury, its

  • Session11

    The Story So Far

    Early Summer, 488

    Sir Gordon pulled into the Earls personal retinue. Sir Pedivere wounded in both body and mind. Sir Henry in a kind of hell, neither truly living nor dead. In a year

  • Session12

    The Story So Far

    Summer, 488

    Clatford was a fiery ruin, obscuring the distant dust cloud which marked the beginning of Levcomagus response. Following the kings road, the Salisbury knights fled

  • Session13

    The Story So Far

    Spring, 489

    The carts of Clatford Manor were returned to Silchester, but instead of stolen loot, they were filled with Silchester dead. The road through Chute Forest had become a killing ground as

  • Session14

    The Story So Far

    Early Spring, 490

    Before Pentecost Court even arrived, knights across Logres attended to their personal affairs. There was no need to wait on formal announcements. A battle was coming, one whose

  • Session15

    The Story So Far

    Late Spring, 490

    Late winters ill-tidings for Sir Marcus have set the tone for Pentecost Court this year. A general grimness rules over all for the battle soon to be fought. If King Uther

  • Session16

    The Story So Far

    Late Spring, 490

    Octa is grievously wounded. Eosa sits sullenly in a dungeon, bound in chains. The Saxon foe is routed at minimal expense to Logres. Neighboring kingdoms remain peaceable. The

  • Session17

    The Story So Far

    Winter, 490

    The knights traveled that year to London for Christmas Court. For all, it was their first time to that metropolis as knights. For others, it was simply their first time ever. They each

  • Session18

    The Story So Far

    Summer, 491

    Duke Gorlois flight from Christmas Court the previous year left King Uther in a state of blinding rage. When spring rolled around, he was adamant he would see the Duke

  • Session19

    The Story So Far

    Autumn, 491

    The Duke of Cornwall is slain. His wife is remarried to the King. Prince Madoc has been buried with honors at Stonehenge.

    For all the changes that have rocked Logres, though,

  • Session20

    The Story So Far

    Spring, 492

    491 ended in a daze, an unhappy dream that no one could wake up from. Even Sir Henry found himself shook up simply at the gaze of a young girl, when Queen Ygraines daughter

  • Session21

    The Story So Far

    Spring, 493

    The knights found themselves acquitted of treason, but still guilty in the eyes of Logresnot of kidnapping the kings son, but of being responsible for the banishment of

  • Session22

    The Story So Far

    Winter, 494

    493 offered little to give hope. In Salisbury, family tragedies set the tone and naught that occurred after did little to lighten the gloom. The king sequestered himself from his own

  • Session23

    The Story So Far

    Spring, 494

    As went the king, so went the land. A general malaise fell upon Logres as the king lay ill, unseen by all save his closest advisors. Was this Merlins doing or had the king sent

  • Session24

    The Story So Far

    Winter, 495

    Cambrian diplomacy netted little other than an expectation that their own infighting would keep the western borders quiet. Even that little comfort was secured not by diplomacy, but by

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