Pentecost Court 488


Royal Court
Winchester, Hampshire

King Uther planned that year to travel west to treat with his nobles there as well as the kings of Cambria. Long-rumored plans regarding the request of Praetor Syagrius finally came to fruition.

Closer to home, the matter of Silchester bubbled over and Earl Roderick decided to take decisive retaliatory action. Old friends caught up and exchanged tales.

Salisbury Court
Sarum, Salisbury

Guests of Note

Prince Madoc
Praetor Syagrius
Merlin the Magician
The British Army


“But I must say, it worries me! Attacking the Franks! Don’t you think it is foolish, I say, and terribly dangerous?! King Claudas has never lost a battle! What if the Franks start invading us too, like the Saxons?”
“Wonderful, I say, to help Praetor Syagrius! And by God, the cause is so just! Good for him.”

“The king is attacking the Franks! Well, I’ll say I guess we will see some plunder next year! I hope my husband brings me some of that French ribbon!”
“That’s what it looks like, but can the king be attacking Cornwall! That duke has insulted him by ignoring the summons too often. There can’t be that many Irish raiding his coast!”

“Listen, darlings, the king is just training the new knights with this attack, because there is a new Saxon army pillaging up north. He’ll need veterans next year.”

Royal Conversation

Uther: “For the sake of God and my good friend Praetor Syagrius, we will return to the continent and destroy everything that gets in our path. It is a time for all good knights to come to the aid of their king and country!”

Madoc: “The king has ordered the army to muster. One half of all knights and one half of all foot troops are to assemble at the ports of Hantonne and Chichester with provisions for a 40-day campaign. They will accompany me to France. King Uther, with pressing business of the realm here, will keep the other half of the army in Britain.”


Intrigue was not successfully attempted this court.

Moments of Note

  • Sir Keith flew into a rage at news of Silchester evil behind his sister’s ill-treatment.
  • Sir Marcus continued his wooing of Lady Elaine of Nether Wallop.
  • Sir Marcus Scipio entreated Merlin to aid in the matter of Sir Henry, to which Merlin agreed.
  • Sir Amig was publicly brusque to Sir Marcus Scipio.
  • Sir Pedivere returned to court after recovering from grievous wounds and a bout of madness.
  • Sir Gildas took his half-brother’s place on behalf of House Macsul.
  • Sir Brastias spoke briefly with Sir Kendrick and Sir Marcus.
  • Sir Keith began actively courting Lady Adwen.
  • Merlin instructed those knights who were interested to meet him at Baverstock on the summer solstice.

Recalling our History

100 Years Ago (388)

  • Nothing of note.

50 Years Ago (438)

25 Years Ago (463)

Associated Session
Session 10

Pentecost Court 488

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