House Fournier

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- Vassal Knight
- Lord of Tisbury

Guillame Fournier de Lyon

Current head
Annan Fournier (for ward Geoffrey)

410 A.D.

Current Seat
Tisbury, Salisbury


Fournier co a

“On a field vert, a sable bend sinister. Styled oakleaf, or, sinister base” The oakleaf device is the coat designed by Sir Guillame Fournier de Lyon and is considered the default for the family, but the oakleaf device for individuals or is appended by a secondary dexter device.

Family Tree

Bloodline of House Fournier


Guillame era
House Fournier was founded in 410, as with others, when Constantin, first King of a liberated Logres, appointed his first thousand knights. Guillame was a Knight Bachelor. He served mainly as an adviser and as a garrison knight for his lord.

Gherard era
Mostly concurrent with his father, Gherard served mainly as a messenger and garrison knight at Sarum. Under Gherard, the family’s natural knack for horses became evident. During frequent raids, Gherard earned a reputation as being as wild an unpredictable as the fiery stallions he usually rode into battle.

Dalan era
Dalan was as fiery as his father in nature, and was driven by the shame from stories told of Sir Gherard’s mercurial nature. He sought to be at the center of every battle, fighting recklessly to regain the honor he felt the family had not been properly awarded for his father’s incredible exploits. Dalan fell in the Battle of Carlion in an act of foolhardy bravery, gaining far more honor than his father ever did.

Herlews era
The first Vassal knight of the family, Herlews focused the family’s energetic nature on reclaiming Tisbury Manor from neglect and local bandits more than in service to the king. Aware of his family’s thin lineage, he aggressively increased the size of the Fournier bloodline, bedding his arranged wife Agnes Compton Fournier dutifully, as well as openly recognizing several bastard children born away from the marriage bed. Upon Agnes’ death in 464, he rededicated himself to serving the Earl and fought dutifully in every battle except Windsor (he was recovering from wounds suffered the previous month). Herlews would suffer injuries while fighting at the Battle of Eburacum that would leave him bedridden until his death in 485. With the heir, Reginald Fournier, cut down at the same battle, Pedivere was recalled from his clerical calling to manage the manor.

Pedivere era
Pedivere led the family through years of Saxon raids. The family was connected closely to the Creamers of Cholderton by marriage, a shared religion, and shared tragedies. The family itself was not very notable at this time beyond Sir Pedivere’s penchant for bringing difficulties to court, whether in his distrust of Uther’s most trusted companions or his shrill harridan of a wife.

Annan era
Annan inherited control of Tisbury with the untimely death of Pedivere. Ominously, the same battle that ended the priest-warrior’s life also made it clear that Tisbury would no longer be a backwater manor, far from any dangers — as little stood between it and the Cornwall knights who now bore a grudge against Salisbury men.

House Fournier

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