Skermish of Allington

Year: 485
Location: Allington, Salisbury
Length of Battle: 3 rounds
Battle Size: Skermish
Result: Inconclusive
Glory Rating: (10 × 3 × 1)

Salisbury forces:
Sir Elad, Marshal of Salisbury (Battle = 19)

Silchester forces:
Sir Blains, Steward of Levcomagus (Battle = 17)

Salisbury: 18 knights
Silchester: 30 knights

Knights of Note
Sir Finnian (30)
Sir Henry (80)
Sir Keith (30)
Sir Kendrick (80)
Sir Marcus (30)
Sir Marcus Scipio (30)
Sir Pedivere (30)


After their knighting at the Pentecost Court of 485, our heroes were tasked with escorting Sir Gordon back to Pitton where he could heal in time for King Uther’s summer offensive against the Saxons. They were led by Sir Elad and after enjoy a night of hospitality with House Korsak, they began a patrol of eastern Salisbury. When they came to the Borne River crossing nearing Allington, they were alerted by a messenger that Silchester knights were raiding nearby.

When they crossed, Sir Elad and his company were joined by a group of knights from Boscone who also had received word. They made their way to Allington, where they found thirty Silchester knights (led by Sir Blains) up to good. The Silchester knights quickly organized and gave charge. Though outnumbered, the Salisbury knights rode likewise to meet the foe. After a few desperate minutes, both sides bloodied, Sir Blains called back his troops, collected their wounded, and they departed. Likewise, Sir Elad tended to his own casualties.

Afterwards, it was learned that the daring attack had most likely be chosen on purpose – when Lord Allington would have been gone first for Pentecost Court and then for hunting. Sir Keith in particular was wroth at this transgression and suggested a counter-raid, which Sir Elad begged off (citing a duty to make sure the new knights were available for King Uther). The patrol did shadow the Silchester knights north through Cholderton, where a contingent of House Creamer soldiery confirmed that the knights had left the county. The raiding was an old tale, seemingly endless as Earl Roderick lacked the ability to move decisively thanks to Sir Blains’ standing with his liege Duke Ulfius.

The Fight
Round 1: A full-on charge between the opposing knights.
Round 2: Remaining Silchester knights close in on those knights who go into melee combat as other combatants circle around for other charges.
Round 3: Sir Henry slays a Silchester knight, which prompts a disengagement from their side.

Historical Record

From the apocryphal History of Arthur’s Britain & His Noble Knights by Paul of Monmouth:

So again did the dubious Sir Blains ride his knights into Salisbury for raiding, only this time to be met most honorably on the fields of Allington by the venerable Sir Elad and his most valiant young knights. A mighty charge between knights shook the ground as the knights crashed together. So bold were the actions of Sir Keith that it took three passes before he struck lances with the enemy! Once his nose was bloodied, Sir Blains most cowardly did disengage, leaving the corpse of one of his knights slain at the skill of Sir Henry. After the battle, there was much grim satisfaction, though Sir Keith was sore for too often had the manor of Cholderton felt the sting of Silchester knights. Sir Kendrick did alight the battlefield making sure everyone knew of his heroic deeds and how he did incapacitate another knight.

Associated Adventure Log
Session 4

Skermish of Allington

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