The Squires Tourney

Tourney: The Squires Tourney
Location: Vagon, Salisbury
Year: 485 (early spring)
Size: Neighborhood (8 squires)
Rounds: 3
Victor: Squire Henry Macsul of Baverstock (10 glory)

Notable Participants
Squire Finnian, Squire Gordon, Squire Henry, Squire Keith, Squire Kendrick, Squire Marcus, Squire Marcus Scipio, Squire Pedivere


In preparation for their knighting, Sir Elad of Vagon ordered a group of Salisbury squires to investigate tales of a man-eating bear in Imber. Prior to that, though, a joust would be held to decide which knight would gain the honor of leading the hunt. The names were drawn randomly and the tilts followed.


Bracket   squires tourney 485

Round 1

Kendrick v. Marcus Scipio
1) No points
2) Marcus Scipio unhorsed

Pedivere v. Keith
1) Keith breaks lance, Pedivere remains horsed
2) No points
3) No points, Keith wins on points

Gordon v. Finnian
1) No points
2) Finnian shatters lance on Gordon, Gordon injured by splinters (-1 APP) and falls.(critical)

Henry v. Marcus
1) Henry unseats Marcus

Round 2

Kendrick v Keith
1) Kendrick shatters lance on the ground!
2) No points
3) Mutual hits; Keith unhorses Kendrick (critical)

Finnian v Henry
1) A solid contact for both, but Finnian fails to keep his horse

Round 3

Henry v. Keith
1) No points
2) Henry shatters lance on Keith
3) No points: Henry wins on points

The Squires Tourney

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