Sir Elad

Castellan of Vagon


Sir Elad is a grizzled old curmudgeon who nevertheless continues to excel as a military commander and as a fighting-man. As the Castellon of Vagon, he puts down hijinxs with an iron fist.


Two generations of House Worboys were squired to Sir Elad, Sir Medrod and Sir Kendrick, and as both took a more courtly approach to knighthood, Sir Elad provided them with the combat skills needed to survive.

In 485, Sir Elad presented the young squires of Salisbury to the Earl for knighthood after he had them hunt and kill a very large and exceptionally ornery bear. Later that year, he commanded the newly minted knights of Salisbury in the Skermish of Allington and at the Battle of Mearcred Creek.

Sir Elad

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