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Chivalry Bonus

Chivalry Bonus is supposed to require 96 points, not 80.

Wife Stewardship

A “Lady” has a Stewardship skill of 12 according to KAP5.1 p. 179.

BoM (1st ed) states that the wife starts with 5 in Stewardship. It increases one point per year up to fifteen, and after that there is a one in six chance of an increase each year (p. 9).

The eldest daughters of vassal knights have big(ger) dowries and expect to marry vassal knights; hence, they tend to learn Stewardship in order to fulfil the role of the mistress of the manor.

The younger daughters of vassal knights have smaller dowries and more often expect to marry down and make their living as ladies in waiting and such. Hence, they tend to focus more on Fashion, Courtesy, and other Courtly Skills.

Individuals will vary. Ambitious/wealthy/famous parents might marry even younger daughters off to vassal knights, and hence they would push their offspring to learn Stewardship. Some younger daughters might actually like Stewardship, while their eldest sister might prefer pretty dresses and dancing.

Widows tend to be reasonably good at Stewardship, especially if they have been looking after the estate for a while.

House Rules & Errata

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