Notable Moments & Quotes


  • Jeff wearing a d20 “One # to rule them all” shirt, only to have half of his rolls that night be twenties.
  • Squires Pedivere and Marcus Scipio rolling twenties at the start of the race while right next to each other, causing their horses to crash together and send them flying to the ground. This was actually trumped by poor Pedivere at the start of the next race (which was his idea).


  • After last week’s debacle, Jeff wore a shirt celebrating a die roll of 1. It seemed to help.
  • Keith: “That bear hide will be hanging over my mantle in Cholderton!”
    Henry: “Yes, but only because I give it to you as a gift.”


  • Herald: “Repeat after me. I do solemnly swear and pledge my sword to Earl Roderick.”
    Squires: “I do solemnly swear and pledge my sword to Earl Roderick.”
    Herald: “My liege.”
    Squires: “My liege.”
    Herald: “To defend and obey him until he depart his desmenses or death shall take me.”
    Squires: (confused mumbling)
  • Crowd: “His father’s son! His father’s son!”
    After Sir Kendrick made the Leap
  • Crowd: “His father’s son! His father’s son!”
    After Sir Keith missed the Leap
  • Zach rolling a 20 on his Leap roll, causing Sir Henry to faceplant into the mud in front of the assembled throng and thus continuing the ignoble tradition of Macsul leaps in glorious fashion.


  • “Roll Courtesy to Survive!”
    Apropos of the introduction of random feast events.
  • “I saweth no Creamer vellum, milord. Nor any a placard except Creamer. It beseems that he departed this demense with his terrestrial belongings.”


  • “However I tweak the rules, it shouldn’t matter. It isn’t about the bonuses. You’d be going for it because you want to make a difference in the world, not so you can have magical mystical armor.”
    – Paul, apropos of the chivalry bonus.


  • “You’ll have to stay at Tisbury.”
    “At least my father’s death bed is unoccupied.”
  • “We saw a large goat, but we did not investigate.”
    – The complete report of the Salisbury Patrol of 486


  • Sir Marcus (Little Giant): “I just found out I have a daughter!”
    Sir Kendrick: “How many children do you have?”
    Sir Marcus: “Just one! She’s the first!”
    Sir Kendrick: “I find that surprising.”
    Sir Marcus: “…that I know about.”
    Sir Kendrick: “I do not find that surprising.”
  • Sir Keith: “King Uther wields Excalibur and makes plans to drive the Saxons from Britain.”
    The Centurion King: “Pendragon makes plans while I act on them. Tell King Uther that I will visit him when I have the leisure time.”

Notable Moments & Quotes

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