Scipio Spartacus Ciociola

Name: Scipio Spartacus Ciociola
Birth: 439
Death: 473 (Aged 33)
Cause of Death: Slain in the Battle of Windsor.
Father: Tiberius Gracchus
Son Number: 1
Successor: Marcus Scipio (first-born son)
Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Roman
Religion: Roman Christian
Ending Class: Knight Vassal
Ending Glory: 1598
Primary Home: Stapleford

Reign of King Vortigern

Scipio Spartacus Ciociola came of age as the Saxon threat coalesced on the British Isles. He had a marked talent with spear weapons — regarded, by those with knowledge of such things, as the best in two generations. Ascending to the rank of knight vassal of Stapleford, he took as a wife the beloved sister of a comrade fallen at Cambridge. Marcus was soon born, followed by another son.

When Aurelius Ambrosius Pendragon landed on British soil, House Ciociola rallied to his cause. Acquitting himself well in a series of offensives and counter-offensives, culminating in the siege of Carlion, he gained renown as a daring, clever fighter, apt to give the enemy surprise.

Reign of High King Aurelius Ambrosius Pendragon

During Prince Uther’s years of raiding, Sir Scipio gained keen knowledge of enemy tactics and preferences. Anticipating the coming of battles of unprecedented fury, likely to tax even the most refined of prevailing techniques, Sir Scipio drilled a select cohort in fighting as a formation with long spears. His attempts to encourage a broader program of training along these lines were abortive. His peers saw him as affected by a nostalgia for obsolescent ancient methods. His grim prognostications were vindicated at Windsor where, stubbornly trying to maintain a point of high ground with his phalanx, he succumbed to vastly superior numbers only long after the rest of the line had been flanked and routed.

Noted Battles

Siege of Carlion (60), Battle of Mount Snowdon (60), Raiding with Uther (200), Battle of Windsor (60)

Scipio Spartacus Ciociola

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